Fire Pits

We all love the outdoors - thats just the Aussie way!

Outdoor fire pits are a grerat focal point that provide light, warmth, and can even be used for cooking. By placing grates or grills over your patio fire pit, you can use it as a barbecue. Fire pit cooking has several advantages. The cooked food is usually more flavorful because it has been cooked over a real fire. Also, if the fire pit is large, it can be used to cook for many people at one time.

Sitting around a Fire Pit extends your ability to stay outdoors in all seasons, allowing the outdoor living space to be used virtually year round.

  • It inspires rest, relaxation and conversation – even with teenagers !

  • It provides a relaxing environment and center point for your outdoor landscape.

  • Fire historically has been the “primal” cue to gather around and be together; or a focal point for solo meditation

  • Outdoor living extends our homes to an easily shared space with family, friends and neighbours.

  • It helps provide us with a great escape, without leaving home.  You dont need to go camping to enjoy a fire!

Have a look at our range below.

Our Fire Pits are sourced locally and are manufactured in Sydney.  They are constructed out of quality materials and are easily set up as a DIY.  


Our Fire Pits can be delivered to most addresses in Australia.  For a delivery quote, please contact us by email letting us know what item you are looking to purchase, and the postcode for delivery!