The 900mm size is taken from the very outer rim of the BBQ, therefore the actual grill size is 750mm in diameter

Our BBQ Pits are our most practical pit. Transforming from an outdoor heater and conversation pit to a BBQ with the ability to roast a spit.These BBQ pits are available with 4 different designs to choose from as well as optional extras such as provisions for a rotisserie and waterproof covers

We can ship these anywhere in Australia. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

BBQ Pit - 1200mm

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  • Do you deliver?

    YES, we deliver Australia wide using TNT Express transport courier. They supply us with great rates and quality service, with the option of next day delivery. Please contact us for a Quote to your door.


    Can we pick up our Pit?

    YES.  Our manufacturer is based in Sydney, so if you live nearby, you are welcome to pick up your fire pit. The showroom is open by appointment only, so ensure you contact us and we can arrange a time to come in.


    Have you got a gas version with the display fire bowls?

    At this current time there is not a burner certified to Australian standards, however we are currently in the process of getting a gas burner certified. It’s a long process and you will be the first to know when its complied.


    Can you cook on them?

    YES, our BBQ fire pits are purposely designed with the Australian way of life in mind. The grill is perfect for cooking on and you can even put a pan or wok on it to suit all types of cooking. We have had great testimonials where our happy customers have not used the grill or spit at all and place a Dutch oven inside the bowl.


    Will my fire pit rust?

    With the right advice and maintenance you will be enjoying you fire pit for many many years. All of our pits are painted with a heat proof primer and powder coating to protect from the elements. We also sell custom cover to shield it while not in use. We recommend a spray with cooking oil when needed to help it looking like the Fire Pit you told all your mates about.


    How do clean my BBQ Fire Pit?

    The BBQ Fire Pit has a removable air grate on the bottom. All you need to do is place a bucket underneath it and remove the grate once cooled down. We advise not to degrease the inside of the bowl as the fats from cooking will help to protect it.


    Can I leave my grill on the BBQ when using it as a fire pit?

    No, the grill plate is only designed to be used for cooking on and should always be removed when using it as a fire pit. The intense heat of a fire may cause the grill to warp or bend out of shape.



    Are they hard to assemble?

    The BBQ Pits can be assembles in the matter of minutes. Screw the legs on with the supplied spanner, put the handle on the grill and attach the drip pan. Very easy.


    Will the box fit in my car?

    The 900mm pit will fit into most sedans, and you will need a big four wheel drive or Ute for the 1200mm pit.


    Does the spit rotisserie motor come with the spit option?

    No the rotisserie motor and assembly is not part of the option. The option consists of an additional sleeve that needs to be welded on and the supply of 2 steel poles which slide into the sleeves and hold the spit motor.  The spit kits can be purchased from Bunnings for about $37 alternatively you can use an existing one you may already have.


    What fuel do I use to cook with?

    We recommend using heat beads or charcoal when cooking food as these seem to be the best for retaining heat for a sustained period of time. We suggest you line the bottom of the BBQ pit with the heat beads or charcoal first, then place your kindling timber over the top then light the timber. Once the timber has burnt out, the bottom layer of beads will be nice and hot ready for cooking on


    Will I find another fire pit similar to yours?

    Absolutely not, all of our fire pits are Unique in their own right and have been specifically designed and hand made for us only, so you will be sure to have a truly unique item that all your friends will be envious of.