Now this is one Goblet you do not want to drink from, but The Goblet Fire pit will keep you warm while enjoying time with your friends and family on cold winter nights. The minimalist design of The Goblet Fire Pit makes it easy to load and disperses heat evenly.


Made from 5mm thick Cast Iron
Measures 800mm in diameter & 400mm deep
Base size is 280mm diameter and a choice of 300mm or 150mm high
Overall Weight is about 40kg incl the base
Comes with a 12mm hole in the centre to allow water to drain away

We can ship these anywhere in Australia. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

The Goblet

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Do you deliver?

    YES, we deliver Australia wide using TNT Express transport courier. They supply us with great rates and quality service, with the option of next day delivery. Please contact us for a Quote to your door.


    Have you got a gas version with the display fire bowls? 

    At this current time there is not a burner certified to Australian standards, however we are currently in the process of getting a gas burner certified. It’s a long process and you will be the first to know when its complied.


    Can you cook on them?

    Yes you can, if you want you can buy the same grill that is used for the BBQ / Fire Pit. It can either be placed directly on top of the goblet, otherwise you can adapt it onto a pole that will swivel independently from the bowl. Grills can be purchased for only $100.


    Will my fire pit rust?

    No it will not rust, as all the bowls have been made from CAST IRON which will only oxidize unlike steel that will corrode and rust out over time, much like the cheaper fire pits available on the market today


    How do clean my BBQ Fire Pit?

    The fire pits are all independent from the base, so on its own it only weighs about 30kg, so you can either tip the pit over or scoop out the ash the next day using a shovel, but basically all the fire bowls are maintenance FREE


    Can we pick up our Pit?

    YES.  Our manufacturer is based in Sydney, so if you live nearby, you are welcome to pick up your fire pit. The showroom is open by appointment only, so ensure you contact us and we can arrange a time to come in.


    Do they have a hole in the bottom? 

    Yes all the bowls have a small 12mm hole in the base to allow water to drain away and not collect when the pit is not in use


    How do I put put the fire when I am finished with it?

    The best thing to do it simple let the fire burn out and the next day when it has cooled, then scoop the ashes out if it. Do Not throw cold water over the fire pit when it is hot or even warm as it may cause it to crack. Being cast iron the extreme difference in temperature will affect the structural integrity of the pit


    Why is my fire pit grey in colour? 

    All fire pits are initially grey in colour because it is raw cast iron and hasn’t has a chance to oxidise yet. It will naturally start to oxidise over time however this will take a few months. If you wish to fast track this process and have it looking rustic sooner, then please email me and I can advise the best method of achieving that rustic old charm look