October is here already!

I can’t believe it is already October!

With the weather warming up, the days getting longer and the regular downpours of rain, there is a lot of activity in the garden!

So what does this mean to Vertical Gardeners? Time to enjoy your creations!

Gorgeous shade loving Vertical Garden with heaps of colour and texture

At this time of year, everything is exploding into growth and we need to maintain control! As your plants grow, we want to keep them looking neat, tidy and compact so find a nice day and tend to your garden! Remove dead leaves, are away spent flower heads and nip back those plants that are starting to sprout. This will keep them nice and compact and bushy.

Herbs grow so well in Vertical Gardens!

For the edible gardener, October is also a great time to plant chives, coriander, garlic, lemongrass, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, shallots, tarragon and thyme as well as many other herbs.

If you are looking for a splash of colour, then seedlings are great to plant. There are so many colourful flowers around at this time of the year!

Weeds can be a little bit of an issue, so make sure you keep on top of them and not allow them to take over your pots. Snails are also on the war path, and although it is tricky for them to get to your Vertical Garden, some persistent guys manage to get up there! Keep an eye out for them and remove them before they eat your plants!

With all that is happening, and the surge of growth we are all experiencing, make sure you remember to feed and fertilise your pots. You can use liquid fertilisers, various manures and pellets or slow release granules.

The most important thing to remember about Vertical Gardening is to tend to your garden a little bit at a time, but keep it often - thats how you keep your your space looking great!

Till next time, Happy Vertical Gardening from the team at Up The Wall Vertical Gardens!

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