Beautify Your Outdoor Space

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Vertical Gardens-

The Ultimate Living  Art

Turn your boring fence or wall into incredible living art.

With the help of our creative team design a one of a kind collaboration of the most amazing plants which will not only create a Wow Factor for your outdoor space but it will truly transform the way you feel about your private oasis.


All professionally installed, no fuss maintnance, easily removable, fully irrigated and totally breathtaking!


Landscaping -

Your Own Outdoor Paradise


Whether it's designing or just improving your current outdoor spaces, our experienced team can help you with decks, paving, retining walls, irrigation, fireplaces and built in seats for your enjoyment. No job too small or too big. If you and our creative team can think it up - we can create it! 


The fancier, the better - we love gardens and we are commited to creating one that puts a smile on your face!

About Us


Amir Berger - Up The Wall Vertical Gardens - Melbourne - Victoria

Amir Berger

Amir founded Up The Wall Vertical Gardens after identifying the need for better soutions for small garden areas.  


His passion in the landscaping industry started back in 2001.


Coming from a family run neiche luxury home construction company, Amir has been in and around building sites all of his life.

His attention to detail, knowledge of engineering and practical application makes him a secure tradesman in this industry.

Amir lives and works by the following motto - "If you are going to do something, do it right - or don't bother starting at all!"

Amir - Up The Wall Vertical Gardens - Melbourne - Victoria

Anna Berger

Anna is an integral part of this business.

With a background in property development, Anna has the skills in design and the ability to visualise a completed task.  

Anna also has an amazing artistic flair and is an award winning photographer.   With a great understanding of colour and the importance of correct composition, Anna is an integral part of Up The Wall Vertical Gardens.


Her artistic flair really comes to life as she directs Amir with the final design and selection of plants 


As she says, "A woman's touch is needed in the final stages to really make things visually perfect"